Wooden floors go back hundreds of years in history. Wooden floors are therefore the most durable floors. There are different types of wooden floors: the traditional parquet floor (simple as artistic), solid parquet floors, etc. They can have a natural or rustic finish.

A wooden floor creates a warm look for your home. It retains its value and fits all trends.

A wooden floor (or also called parquet) can be made from different types of wood. We are happy to discuss the possible options within the market with you.

This type of parquet floor emphasizes the natural wood structure and includes a slight change in the color tone. Knots up to 15 mm can occur which makes this floor more lively and natural.

This type of parquet floor contains natural wood tones. Small and larger knots up to 40 mm and rare heart marks are characteristic of this type of parquet. A rustic floor creates a charming combination of textures in a classic style.

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Deluxe Huizen B.V. offers a wide selection of wooden floors:

Dimensions: 16×68×204/272/340/350/408 mm.

Oak Parquet Planks

We offer solid oak parquet planks that can be laid down with different designs, such as herringbone, basket weave, brick and many others.

Dimensions: 19×400 until 700 mm.

Oak Mosaic Panels

Oak solid wood Mosaic is a unique combination of high quality, fidelity to traditions and luxury. This stylish and elegant floor complements classic and vintage interiors, but also adds luxury to the modern style. It maintains the natural beauty of the pattern and texture of the oak wood. As with all parquet flooring, mosaic panels retain a classic style that never falls out of fashion.

Massive Parquet Boards

Massive parquet board is a return to the classic wooden floor. Large selection of other types of flooring can not compete against such a traditional covering as parquet solid wood. This type of flooring is one of the most popular nowadays, and also one of the most expensive.

Massive boards are made from not-glued solid hardwood timber (massive), and have a thorn – groove on all four sides. Massive board consists entirely of a single piece of wood, no additives. This wooden floor is noise-resistant and eternal.

The classic beauty of a parquet flooring reflects the very best of flooring techniques and has proven its value in time.

Two-layer Engineering Flooring

We offer this parquet in various sizes. Parquet flooring consists of long and wide planks with a thick oak top layer of 6mm and 14mm thick plywood underlayment (available in moisture-resistant plywood and suitable for floor heating). This type of flooring is available with oiled, stained and lacquered top layer.

We also offer a two-layer floor with a click system. The great advantage of parquet with a click system lies in the simplicity of installation. The click system works the same as with laminate, so that you get a beautiful parquet floor very quickly.

This type of flooring is similar to two-layer engineering flooring, with the only difference that you do not need to glue it and they are also available with oiled, stained and lacquered top layer.

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