Without a doubt, the kitchen is an important part of any home!

At Deluxe Huizen you have come to the right place for a personalized kitchen. Your kitchen can be easily designed in different sizes, shapes and finishes. The finish can be made from durable materials.

To help you visualize your project, we provide a 3D model based on your wishes and expectations. The model shows the style and finish of the design, which can lead to easy adjustments according to your wishes.

We can also custom make matching furniture with the same “look and feel” as well as all types of walk-in closets.

Every kitchen or walk-in closet that we deliver is personally designed and fits the style of every home. If desired, the designs are delivered to your home and immediately installed. In order to meet the high quality needs, Deluxe Huizen cooperates with most of the leading manufacturers within the furniture market in Europe.


Natural stone has long been used in interior architecture. It looks luxurious and rich. Nowadays, it is not impossible to decorate an interior with marble or granite.

To make your decisions easier, we also prepare 3D model of the kitchen based on your preferences and expectation.

The 3D model will demonstrate the style and design of the kitchen and changes can be made per your request.


Marble is a natural stone that is easy to use and process. This stone contains a rich variety of shades, designs, and finishes, making this material ideal for interior design.
Some examples for which marble can be used are: fireplaces, window sills, furniture, bathrooms and so much more.
The most common shades are: white, gray, brown and black.


Granite is often used because of its functional quality, varied structure, and range of shades. This stone is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor finishing.

Some examples for which granite can be used are fireplaces, windowsills, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and much more.
The most common shades are teal, grey, pink, and orange.

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