Deluxe Huizen offers you a wide variety of window frames. These can consist of PVC, wood, or aluminum. All our frames are made from leading technologies, are ecologically safe because they are made of natural components.

Due to the high-quality production of the frames and the subsequent professional installation by the contractor, the products are more durable, without any specific care. The frames consist of various shapes, colors, styles, and designs.

Once you realize that your windows need to be replaced, it is necessary that you consider a number of things before making a choice. We are happy to help you select the style that meets your needs and tastes.

Our frames are glazed by glass packets of one or two chambers, which ensure good parameters of heat sound insulation. These packages are made of different glasses based on their purposes, for example, energy saving, selective, noise insulating, glare-protective, laminated, toned, opaque, patterned glass.

We dismantle your old frames, and the new ones are delivered to your door free of charge.

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